Social Research

We’ve worked in social research for many years, delivering a diverse range of evaluations, feasibility studies and other reports – so many that we’re having trouble deciding which ones to include on this page.

Whatever you commission from us, and we’ve given some examples below, you’ll get a strong, robust, independeny report with conclusions and recommendations – backed up by sound, fully evidenced data, professionally and ethically collected. Oh, and it’s written in plain English too which always helps.

Recent work has included:

  • Options Appraisal for a redundant building: researching and presenting a robust business case.
  • Feasibility Study: researching whether a physical asset could be used to underpin the creation of a series of social enterprises which would provide employability in an area of multiple depravations.
  • Assets Study: producing a report on whether programmes developed by social enterprises could be licensed and sold outside their home area. They can.
  • Feasibility Studies for New Community Centres or Hubs: we’ve done many feasibility studies for groups and communities wanting to use redundant, or create new, buildings to put heart back into their local community. We know that it’s not the initial fund raising that’s the real challenge – the real challenge comes in making a centre sustainable, day after day, year after year. That’s why we always include a robust business case.
  • Evaluations: these are a key part of our workload. We’ve evaluated everything from small projects and social enterprises to large, multi-million pound schemes and apply the same rigourous qualitative and quantitative research techniques to all our evaluations.

A flavour of our work can be seen in the Case Studies.

If you’d like to know more about our Social Research work, contact Jo Lloyd, CMRS: