Tender Preparation and Writing

If your business works in the public sector, or supplies larger businesses who themselves supply the public sector, you’ll need to compete for business through tendering.

Tendering can be complex and time consuming to do. So why not take the pressure off yourself and let us help?

We help clients structure and write their tenders by:

  • Interpreting the tender – what it all actually means
  • Advising on how to calculate whether or not it’s actually worth your while to tender – sometimes it isn’t
  • Advising you on how to best prepare your tender
  • Advising on the standard documentation you’ll need to have in place to support your tender
  • Helping you structure your tender response, including your pricing structure
  • Writing the tender response for you
  • Interpreting and commenting on your tender feedback.

The Case Studies show how we’ve helped businesses of all sizes tender successfully.

If you’d like to take some of the tender pressure off yourself, contact Jo: jo@gapcomm.co.uk or 077 333 94 641.

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