GAP’s aim is to meet its clients’ and customers’ needs by providing services that are undertaken to the highest professional standards, that represent value for money and are delivered on time. The key to success in fulfilling our aim is a total commitment to continuous quality improvement across the organisation. That’s why we hold ISO 9001 for quality.

We pursue this aim through implementation of a Quality Management System involving all staff and subcontractors that requires us to:

  • Be aware of the role and objectives of the client company and how our functions contribute to them;
  • Recognise that our work is undertaken for client customers, internal and external, whose needs we should listen to, understand and meet;
  • Work to the highest professional standards supported by written procedures and monitored against explicit criteria of quality;
  • Seek and receive the necessary training to fit us for our work.

Our Quality Objectives are:

  • To meet & exceed the stated performance requirements set out in contracts entered into with our clients.
  • To continually improve the level of service provided to clients through ongoing review & evaluation of performance indicators.
  • To ensure that programmes offered meet the needs of clients, trainees, employees & referral agencies.
  • To provide reports, documents and programmes that are of the highest quality within our industry.
  • To be aware of the quality standards and policies of those professional bodies which may influence the work we carry out.

A comprehensive internal audit programme ensures that GAP’s business management system is subject to auditing and review to verify its continued effectiveness in supporting GAP Communications’ strategic direction.