Stuck behind their desks in a drab overheated office, many outdoors enthusiasts often dream about escaping from the office treadmill and starting their own outdoor business.

Our client offered just the opportunity to do that through licensing their outdoor adventure model.

The company had created a model of outdoor adventure experiences which was targeted at groups working with, and local authorities caring for, children and young people at risk of exclusion or not in education, employment or training.

The company operated in a particular geographical area and had no real need to expand its operations to other areas – however, its reputation was such that demand was putting pressure on the business for it to expand its geographic area of operation. At the same time, freelancers working in outdoor adventure were coming to the company asking if they could operate under its banner and develop in new geographical areas.

That was the point at which Jo sat down with the owner and said “You can’t ignore these trends. Why don’t we licence?” So that’s what we did.

As the company used students, interns and freelances during its peak operational periods, the background work for the adventure side of the Operations Manual – how to do the ‘outdoorsy’ stuff – was almost complete. What wasn’t there was how to run the business side.

We worked with the client to create:

  • A stand-alone Operations Manual, the business offering and the licence structure – what buyers got for their licence
  • The pricing point for the licence and an outline of income for the licensee and licensor
  • A marketing plan how to take the product to market
  • Support materials for the new licensees, including local marketing plans for their own business operations.

The licenses were launched and continue to operate successfully, generating strong income for the parent company

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