“The scariest thing in the world is a sheet of white paper”

We’re constantly being told “Content is king” and we should be writing engaging content across all our media.

But starting to write anything is seriously scary. There you are staring a blank sheet of paper or, if we’re being accurate, a blank document on your screen, and you can’t think of a word to write.

Don’t worry – that’s where we help. Our team relishes the challenge of a blank sheet of paper and making words work for you. They know the power of words and harness that power for your organisation.

We can help with zippy and zingy advertising copy, more sober editorial, punchy press releases, intelligible funders’ reports, engaging social media comments, website text and much more.

Working with you, we make your content sing.

If you want us to write something from scratch – we can do that – or we can take your words and apply a professional writer’s polish to them.

When you need to make words work – call us. We’ll help them work harder for you.

Contact us through jo@gapcomm.co.uk