We’ll have the headaches for you and deliver the event you need

Does your heart sink when you hear the words “and we’ll arrange an event”?

If it does, then stop worrying! Breathe deeply, then contact us and we’ll do the worrying for you. 

Event management can be a minefield and its easy to overlook the small and simple things that can trip you up on the day. We’ve extensive skills in event management, having arranged so many different events over the years.

For one client company celebrating their centenary year – we arranged a birthday breakfast, then a black tie ball for staff (over 200), two client dinners at top restaurants, a golf day, a family picnic day, a casino night and series of smaller events throughout their birthday year.

That was a bit of a humdinger. Most clients prefer to have just one event on the go at once.

We help clients with organising and delivering seminars, formal and informal dinners, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, agricultural shows, balls, charity events, sporting events, birthday parties for commercial organisations, product test days, test marketing, outdoor activities, food festivals, team building events and more.

About the only thing we’ve never done is weddings – even we’re not that brave!

If you need your event to be delivered – contact us: jo@gapcomm.co.uk