Newsletters, brochures, leaflets and things like that

Keeping people informed is how they learn about your products and services.  But in this multimedia world, how do you keep people informed?

Communication is the key. To communicate effectively, you need to make words and images work for you. And that’s where we come in.

You might want a simple leaflet or a more complex brochure. You might want to work across multi-media platforms and tie your web, emarketing and social media in with your printed media. You might want a email marketing campaign. You might want a direct mail campaign using old fashioned – but effective – letters.

We can help you put together and execute effective communications though advertising, print, electronic, display and other media, including social media.

Whilst there’s no such thing as a typical client – you’re all special – most clients have broadly similar requirements, depending on their market area and product. Most need something to hand out in face to face situations, whether its a flyer in a shop or a more complex brochure for higher value goods. Most need a web presence. Others need display material for exhibitions, conferences and other marketing events. Others need a social media presence – and once they’ve got it – they need to keep it up to date.

Helping you to maximize your budget’s effectiveness in communications media is what we do. We’ve done everything from simple tweets to your followers, flyers promoting a sale through glossy brochures to complex multi-layered websites. We’ve even done a hot air balloon!

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