With her experience in licensing and franchising, Jo was commissioned by an urban regeneration agency to look at whether the intellectual property assets of five successful social enterprises could be licensed or franchised to generate income.

This was a wide ranging piece of work covering very diverse service delivery programmes. The programmes covered:

  • Play for toddlers and young children with a particular reference to refugee children and children at risk of abuse
  • Sport and hygiene for children and young people at risk of exclusion
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
  • Money advice
  • Diversionary activities for young people at risk of gang violence or sectarian violence

Each social enterprise was at a different stage in bringing its product to market and Jo’s work covered an identification of potential markets, routes to market, barriers to entry, development work needed to make the product ready for market and a brief cost/benefit analysis of which structure (licensing, franchising, straight sale, mixed structure, etc.) would generate the most income for each social enterprise. Management input and resources were also considered.

From this work, it was identified that two organisations had programmes which were nearest to market in terms of being licensable and Jo was commissioned to take further work forward with them.

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