Here we worked with a small SME supplying janitorial products. The business had looked at tendering and decided it wasn’t for them. Then their biggest customer moved to tendering so they had to bite the bullet and learn how to tender. After, in their words, “a disaster of a DIY tender” they came to us.

Amidst much grumbling from the owner along the lines of “Why do they need all this STUFF?” we helped them understand the tender process and why all the “stuff” was asked for – mainly risk reduction.

We then helped them to:

  • Collate and build all their background documentation – policies, procedures and the like,
  • Understand the specific terminology used in tendering
  • Determine whether it was worth tendering
  • Structure a non-template tender, along with advice on the level of detail needed
  • Navigate through tender templates, including online tender portals
  • Ask for, and use, constructive feedback.

We’re delighted to report that they are now winning tenders and business